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General Questions

  • How do I manage my subscription?

    From this page when logged in:, or:

    • Log in to and select ‘Subscriptions’ at the top navigation bar
    • Scroll down to the appropriate Fanzine subscription and click ‘Edit Subscription’
  • Can I take a break from the subscription and come back when I'm ready?

    Yes! You can opt-in and opt-out via your subscription settings on The deadline to cancel the next issue and not be charged for it is 12 days prior to the date of dispatch.

    As an example, Issue 2 was dispatched on Monday 30th April, therefore the last day to cancel without being charged is Wednesday 18th April.

    Please note that if you have saved any beer ratings in your profile, these will be lost when you cancel the subscription.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Sorry to see you go! It’s easy to cancel your subscription, and if you change your mind in the future you can re-join at any time. To cancel your subscription:

    • Log in to and select ‘Subscriptions’ at the top navigation bar
    • Scroll down to the appropriate Fanzine subscription and click ‘Edit Subscription’
    • At the bottom of this page, click the button ‘Cancel my Fanzine Subscription’
    • It will ask you to confirm, so you will need to click this button again.

    Your subscription is now canceled!

    If your payment has already been taken for an upcoming issue that has not yet been dispatched, you will receive this as your last issue.

    Please note that the last day of the month is the last chance to cancel and not be charged, as payment is taken on the 1st day of the month the Issue ships. (eg. January Issue ships on the second Tuesday, payment is taken on the 1st of January, last day to cancel is the 31st December)

  • Can I sign up for more than one subscription in the same account?

    Yes! Simply go to the sign-up page at and click ‘Subscribe Now.’

    It will let you know how many active subscriptions you have, and allow you to sign up for an additional one.

  • Can I give a Fanzine subscription as a gift?

    Yes you can! The best way is to sign up for a subscription in somebody else’s name and use your card to pay for it.

    Ideally you should check with the person first to see if they have a BrewDog account first that they’d like the subscription signed up under.

  • Can I move my Fanzine subscription to a different account?

    Unfortunately, subscriptions cannot be moved to a different account, however we can change the email address of your account (so long as the new address isn’t already being used by another account) or you can cancel your subscription and sign up under the desired account.

  • I have specific dietary requirements; can I request that the beers in my box meet these requirements (for example, vegan only beers)?

    Unfortunately not. Due to the complicated and fast moving nature of the club, with 3 new beers packaged and shipped every fortnight, it’s not possible to customise the beers to meet dietary needs.

    We offer plenty of beers that suit vegans and other dietary requirements, and if you can’t justify the risk of receiving these in your Fanzine box then you can always head to one of our bars and try on draft the ones that suit your requirements.

    Find your closest bar here:

  • I don't like certain beers in the club, can I select only certain styles of beer?

    Unfortunately not. Fanzine is a curated club with 3 brand new beers packaged every month, sent directly to your door. There’s unfortunately no room to be able to customise this club.

    The good news is that your next box, should you decide to stay on, is only two weeks away and there is a diverse range of beers set to be released over the coming year.

    The beauty of Fanzine is that every issue is different!

  • My question hasn’t been answered here – who can I get in touch with?

    Send an email to and someone will get back to you.

  • Can I see a calendar of important dates regarding Fanzine?

    This calendar is an example for June/July 2018, and the pattern continues every two weeks.

Delivery Questions

  • When will I receive my first box?

    Boxes are shipped out every second Tuesday of the month. If you had payment taken on the 1st of the month, your Issue of Fanzine will be making its way to you!

  • How do I track my order?

    You will receive an email on the day of dispatch (every second Tuesday of the month) with your tracking number. You can use this to track your order via Royal Mail (UK) or Asendia (Europe).

  • How do I update my delivery address and specify a safe place?

    By default, your billing address is used as your delivery address for Fanzine (unless you’ve specified a different delivery address when signing up). To change this:

    • Log in to and select ‘Subscriptions’ at the top navigation bar
    • Scroll down to the appropriate Fanzine subscription and click ‘Edit Subscription’
    • You will see your available shipping addresses at the top of this page – to set delivery address, click ‘Deliver Here’ so that a check mark appears
    • Or, you can add a new delivery address. Make sure ‘Deliver Here’ has a check mark next to it otherwise that address will not be selected.

    Below the Shipping Addresses, there is a section heading ‘Delivery Options’ that will allow you to specify a safe place for your Fanzine deliveries, and opt-in or opt-out of delivery notifications via email and mobile.

  • Can I change my address prior to dispatch?

    No – your delivery address is locked in when payment is taken for that issue.

    You have only until midnight on the 2nd of the month (the day after payment is taken) to change your address in your account for it to take effect for that issue.

  • My cans arrived dented!

    Sorry to hear about that! Due to the fast moving nature of this club, we don’t replace cans that are dented – the important thing is that the beer has arrived ready for you to drink.

  • My cans arrived damaged and leaking!

    Oh no! Get in touch with us on and we’ll arrange a replacement or a refund, whichever is easier for you.

  • Can I receive delivery notifications?

    Yes! Royal Mail sends out a notification on the morning of delivery advising that the box will be delivered today. They also send a further notification upon completion of a delivery attempt.

    To make sure you receive these notifications, opt-in on your Fanzine subscription settings page by following these steps:

    • Log in to and select ‘Subscriptions’ at the top navigation bar
    • Scroll down to the appropriate Fanzine subscription and click ‘Edit Subscription’
    • Under the heading ‘Delivery Options’ tick the appropriate boxes under Email and Mobile notifications

    The notifications will be sent to your account email address and your mobile phone number specified in ‘Account > Edit Details’ on the top navigation bar.

  • What if the Monday for dispatch is a bank holiday?

    If the usual dispatch date for an issue falls on a bank holiday, the issue will be dispatched the following working day.


  • How do I view the contents of previous issues of Fanzine and select my favourites?

    Check out the Scrapbook here:

    You can view beers in past issues and sort by style, ingredients, release date, and even ABV! You can check out each beer’s description and Untappd score, as well as set your own ratings and select your three favourites.

  • How do I change my favourites?

    On the favourites page, click the ‘X’ beside a beer to remove it from your favourites.

    You can then add another one via the beer’s page in the Scrapbook!

  • Can I change the rating of a beer in the Scrapbook?

    Unfortunately not – once you’ve rated a beer, your rating is locked in forever (or until you cancel your subscription)!

  • What happens to my Scrapbook ratings and favourites when I cancel my subscription?

    They are gone forever!

    You'll be able to set new ratings and favourites if you sign up for another subscription.

Billing Questions

  • When is my last chance to cancel and not be charged for the next issue?

    The last chance to cancel is midnight of the day BEFORE sign-ups close for that issue.

    As an example, sign-ups for Issue 2 closed on Thursday 19th April. So, the last day to cancel and not be charged is Wednesday 18th April by midnight (UK time).

    After this, you are locked in for the week and it cannot be refunded.

  • I missed the deadline to cancel for an upcoming issue and was charged. Can this be refunded?

    Once your payment has gone through, you are locked in for that issue and it can’t be cancelled.

    This is because the forecasting of the exact amount of beer needed is locked in on the payment date.

    You can cancel your subscription now and you won’t be charged for any subsequent issues until you re-subscribe, however you will receive the last issue you have been charged for.

  • How do I update my payment details?

    First, log in and go to the subscription management page.

    • Find the subscription you wish to edit and click ‘Edit Subscription’
    • Scroll down to the section heading ‘Update Your Card Details’
    • Click ‘Enter New Card Details’ and follow the prompts.

    Please note that this is not a global setting, and if you have different subscriptions such as BottleBox or another Fanzine subscription, you will need to change them for each subscription independently.

  • I received notification of an unsuccessful payment! Can I still receive this issue?

    If you update your payment details via the subscription management page on the same day as the failed payment (before 23:59 UK time) then your card will be charged immediately and you will receive the next issue.

    If you miss this deadline, it's unfortunately not possible to retroactively send you the issue – due to the exclusive subscription based nature of the beers available in the club, forecasting of beer needed for the next issue is on a very tight schedule and needs to be locked down at a specific date.

    Therefore, all subscriptions are locked for the next issue on the sign-up deadline day, and if you didn't have a successful payment by the end of the billing day then you unfortunately will not be receiving that week’s box. However, make sure your payment details are up to date, and you will be charged for the following issue in a fortnight’s time!

  • Why was my payment declined?

    The most common reasons for a payment failure are insufficient funds in the account or a decline from the bank. If you’d like to know the specific reason code that was supplied by your bank, get in touch with  and we can let you know.

    There’s unfortunately nothing we can do beyond this point – it’s up to you to contact your bank and ensure that your card is authorised for Fanzine recurring payment attempts via Stripe.

  • What if my billing address does not match the address used on my payment card?

    This is fine – our recurring payments are taken via Stripe. The Stripe platform does not validate against your billing address. All you need to do is make sure your card details are correct!

  • Can I pay to order a one-off shipment of a previous issue?

    Fanzine is an exclusive subscription-only club with super fresh beer delivered fortnightly, so ordering previous issues is not a possibility.